Mini Magic Toy Truck – Children’s Inductive Truck Toys That Follows Pen Drawn Lines

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If you’re looking for a great gift idea to give to preschoolers and little kids who love playing around with things, the Magic Inductive truck does not disappoint. Using a sensor-based mechanism, the red fire truck follows the path that has been plotted using the magic pen. It’s exciting for kids to just plot a path, turn on a switch on the red fire truck/toy, and have it follow wherever the path leads.

UNIQUE MAGIC TOY – give your kid a unique, magical play toy that they’ll certainly enjoy. Our Inductive Car is designed to follow a route/path that’s plotted using a mini magic pen. Regardless of where the car is placed, it’ll start running in circles when turned on, until it finds the plotted route. Keep your little one happy and excited with this fantastic new toy.

EASY SWITCH OPERATION – how about a durable, easy-to-operate, and inductive  truck? Simply turn on the switch on the under-body side of the toy and the truck will start moving to find the path you’ve plotted. No pulling strings, or pushing is needed. Get an interesting and yet easy to use play toy that leverages automation.

BATTERY OPERATED – each truck is battery operated, and is designed to provide maximum energy efficiency. The battery is located on the under-body side of the toy,  and can easily be opened and closed. Leverage our battery-operated inductive play toy to keep kids entertained.

FOLLOW THE TRAIL – looking for some nice toys to teach your kids some hands-on motor skills? Try our unique magic toy, which is operated by a sensor that finds the path you’ve established for the red fire truck at any one time. Preschoolers who love using their fingers will greatly benefit from this play toy.



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